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Playset Spotlight
Playset Spotlight
Playset Spotlight
Playset Spotlight
  • HAND CRANK — Powered by a few simple turns on the side crank
  • PROVIDES PLAY AFTER DARK — Enjoy your playset even after the sun goes down
  • INCLUDES — 12 LED bright light bulbs to add extra illumination in the dark
  • ROTATING LIGHT — Provides light for over 100 square feet and rotates 360 degrees
  • NO WIRING — Requires no wiring – mounting material included
When the sun goes down, the fun must keep going! The Woodplay Hand Crank Powered Spot Light Playset Attachment lets you extend those long summer days far into the evening. This solar-powered, LED light illuminates 100 square feet of your backyard play area, so the fun does not have to end when the sun goes down, it can only just begin. This light will also give you peace of mind and your children more confidence stepping and climbing on their playset without natural daylight. This will also give the kids something to do at night while being safe too. The light is powered by a few simple turns on the side crank in order to turn it on to allow the play to continue after dark. The kids can continue playing or even play flashlight tag in the yard, or make their playset feel like a lighthouse. When you purchase the spotlight, it includes 12 bright LED light bulbs to add extra illumination in the darkness, or when it is about to become darker. The light provides radiance for over 100 square feet, and it also happens to rotate 360 degrees so you will not have to worry about the light sitting in one spot the whole time. It does not require any wiring for use of the light, and the mounting material is all included at the time of purchase. So, come on and start helping them build their imagination even more than it already has.