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Model ADA Gate Free Shipping Price
15' Gaga Pit Yes Yes $1,999.99
20' Gaga Pit Yes Yes $2,399.99
26' Gaga Pit Yes Yes $2,799.99


Yes $1,699.99
15' Gaga Pit Mat Yes $1,899.00
20' Gaga Pit Mat Yes $2,499.00
26' Gaga Pit Mat Yes $2,999.00

Need an awesome gaga pit? We’ve got you covered! If you haven’t heard of gaga ball, It’s a game played inside a gaga ball pit that is easy to learn, very active, and super inclusive. Teachers love it, kids love it, and the best part is: anyone can play! Using our borders for your gaga pit makes it easy to include kids of all ability levels. Not only are they ADA accessible, our easy-to-maintain gaga pits are incredibly versatile and can be set up indoors, outdoors, permanently, or just temporarily, so you can spend less time setting up, and more time playing!


ADA Accessible gaga pit with gate and latch

ADA Accessible

Our gaga pits feature a gate that provides ADA access to the pit without sacrificing the playing surface of the panels. In addition to ADA accessibility, the gate is 4’ wide with a wheel at the bottom so that gaga players can get in and out easily. It also has a latch at the top to keep it secure during play.

Our gaga pits can be installed both indoors and outdoors


Our gaga pits are strong and durable and can be installed outdoors year-round. They can also be set up indoors, and because they’re portable, can be stored away when they aren’t needed. You could setup gaga for those rainy indoor recess days, and then store it away until it’s needed again (which we think is perfect for a multi-purpose room!)

Our gaga pits are portable and can also be installed permanently

Portable or Permanent Installation

There are two holes at the base of each stand, making it possible to permanently anchor it to the ground. You can secure the completed stands to the ground with the anchoring method of your choice (anchors are not supplied with kit.) However, anchoring isn’t required to play. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors temporarily, then moved or stored when it’s not in use.

Our gaga pits are easy to install

Easy To Install

Assembly just takes three steps: 1. Assemble and lay out the stands. (The first time you set it up, this is a necessary step, but even if the gaga pit is going back into storage, you can leave the stands assembled to make the process even quicker next time.) 2. Put the borders on the stands. 3. Get everything straight and tighten each stand bolt. Then you’re ready to play!

with a leaf flower and a hose the playing area can easily be cleaned

Easy To Maintain

The stands lift the gaga pit off the ground by about 4 inches, making it easy to blow leaves or debris out of the pit and keep the playing area clean.