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Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla Playsets have become one of our most popular swing set brands, and for good reason. Their models are packed with engaging play features, made of high quality materials, and have many different configurations available. We've created this guide to give you an in-depth look at what features set them apart and why we've come to highly recommend them.


Loads of play features are available through the many models and configurations.

Engaging Play Features

Talking about all the specs and quality materials is important, and we’ll get to that, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about what’s important from a child’s perspective. Gorilla Playsets does an excellent job of designing structures that provide a place to play, imagine, and grow. Things like sand boxes, clubhouse spaces, steering wheels, and telescopes all provide great avenues for kids to let their imaginations take charge, while features like rock walls, rope ladders, monkey bars, and climbing ramps provide a challenge for kids to overcome, keeping them engaged as they play. Check out this video of playing on a Gorilla swing set from a kids perspective.

We’ve also written a very detailed post here about all the different play features available and what they bring to the play experience.

There are several roof options available.  This one is from the Malibu line.

Multiple Roof Options

Many Gorilla swing sets have multiple roof options available. These options range from a basic vinyl canopy to a tongue-and-grove wood roof with several options in between making it easy to find a set that fits your needs. Some models actually have a few different wood roof designs available that are complete with dormers, working shutters, and even an enclosure that turns the top deck into a playhouse!

You can see here the 4x4 structural posts.

4x4 Framing

Good framing is essential for a sturdy swing set. That's why 4x4 structural posts are used for most models. This creates a sturdy and durable foundation to add engaging play features like rockwalls, big 14’ slides, multiple decks, climbing ramps and more. It also enables very unique designs and configurations…imagine your swing set with multiple towers, clatter bridges, or even a 7’ deck!

The swing beam is constructed from heavy duty materials to support swing belts, trapeze bars, bucket swings, and many more swing accessories.

Heavy-Duty Swing Beam

Kids love swings. They are very often the most used feature of a playset. They can be a place for rest as well as a place to expend a lot of energy. Swings offer something for everyone and can truly grow with your child as they conquer new modes of play. Because swings are such a central part of a wooden swing set, it's important that they are safe and built to last so your family can get the most use out of them. Many Gorilla swing sets utilize a 4x6 swing beam and 4x4 A-frame legs supported with a thick metal bracket for rock-solid construction. These playsets also use bolt-through iron swing hangers with spring clips, making it a snap to swap out swing accessories like swing belts, bucket swings, and trapeze bars.

Here you can see the double wall of the roto-molded wiki wave slide.

Several Different Slides

In addition to the swings, the slides are another feature of a playset that are sure to get plenty of use. Gorilla Playsets offer a number of different slides on their products, including wave slides, scoop slides, and tube slides. Slides are typically attached to either a 4' or 5' deck. On some models slides are attached to a 7' deck!

One example of the heavy duty hardware used are these bolt through iron swing hangers.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

All of the hardware needed for installation is included with each playset. The hardware used to assemble these wooden swing sets is heavy-duty and selected to stand the test of time. For instance, the swing chains are tested to withstand up to 800-pound loads, and electro-galvanized hardware is used to fasten structural parts. Instead of nails, zinc-coated commercial grade deck screws are used for decking, wall slats, and wood roofs to ensure those parts are secured tightly.

All wooden pieces are pre-milled as you can see from this close up.

Pre-Cut, Pre-Sanded, Pre-Drilled Lumber

The lumber that comes with your set is all pre-milled. There is a lot that goes into that, but the important thing is that the measuring, cutting, and sanding is already taken care of for you. Your swing set will arrive ready-to-assemble making installation about 70% faster. The main components are pre-drilled with recessed holes for safety and all the lumber will include a factory stain. Another reason we love this process: all the edges of the lumber are rounded, providing a soft edge and further contributing to the safety of the set.


Shellie, TX

Treasure Trove (Wood Roof) - Gorilla Playsets

An Adventure in Our Own Backyard!!! We can't tell you how much we love our new Gorilla play set. We were looking for a set that had a little bit of everything, then added the extra monkey bar attachment. My daughter loves it and so do her friends. We live in Texas and ordered this set from The Backyard Guys. They shipped it right to our driveway. It took us a couple weekends to put it together, but it turned out beautifully and we love the finished product. It is well constructed, with good directions and with child safety in mind. It was just the adventure we needed and our daughter will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you Backyard Guys!!!

Kim, UT

Woodbridge - Gorilla Playsets

Great swing set for a great price!

Craig, ND

Woodbridge - Gorilla Playsets

These Guys are awesome! They helped me select the right swing set at the best price and once the swing set was on site, they continued the great customer service with follow ups to ensure everything was correct and that I was completely satisfied.

I was missing a part and they had Gorilla ship the part out for me next day and provided me a manual via e-mail on how to install the part to ensure that I had everything I needed.

Service was fast, accurate and these guys are super easy to work with very professional. I'll be buying from them again.

Don't go anywhere else, they have the best price and the best service.

Thanks Guys! my kids are super happy, which makes a happy dad!

Robin, TX

Frontier - Gorilla Playsets

Extremely satisfied! Website was easy to use, price was competitive, shipping was quick and delivry guy was great! Product was true to the pictures, great quality! We would definitely recommend y'all to a friend!

Sean, CA

Cafe Climber - Gorilla Playsets

In terms of customer service and delivery and product quality - - we have no complaints whatsoever.

One thing that must be noted - - and I'm not sure who is at fault (possibly the manufacturer) - - our Cafe Climber playset came in a number of boxes. Each piece of wood had a code number stuck to it. The problem was, that the glue to hold the code numbers on was not very strong so when we opened the boxes and removed the pieces, we noticed dozens of little stickers with code numbers laying about that had fallen off.

This made assembly difficult because there were a number of pieces where the differences in size were maybe only a 1/4 of an inch or less. To the naked eye, the boards looked to be the same length. But when lined up and screwed in to the frame, there would be one piece that didn't quite fit because, it turns out, it was the wrong size.

Again - - this very well could have been an error on the part of the manufacturer. But I felt it should be noted.

Overall, great experience with Backyard Guys themselves!

Cody, KS

Chateau II - Gorilla Playsets

Great product. It was delivered on time and as expected. The set is very sturdy and well made. I was impressed with the detail on the instructions and how well everything went together. Would highly recommend your product over some of the junk that is out there.

Randall, FL

Nantucket - Gorilla Playsets

The grandkids love it. I spent a lot of time looking for a quality set for a price we could afford. I didn't want something that would fall apart the first year, trust me both are in this set, yes we paid more than the other sets but I know my granddauters will still be enjoying for years. There is quality you don't see in other sets with 4x6 swing beam 4x4 corner and swing braces, not cheep 2x4s put together and called 4x4s. All cedar not pine that will rot in no time. Thanks Backyard Guys, I know times are hard for everyone, hope you can keep these sets affordable for everyone.