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Rubber Playground Mulch - Blue - 2000 lbs Pallet
Rubber Playground Mulch - Blue - 2000 lbs Pallet
Rubber mulch is one of the safest playground surfacing options available. Because of it's shock absorbent nature, rubber mulch protects children from common falls and spills associated with outdoor play. One pallet of rubber mulch contains approximately 2000 lbs of material, this equates to 72.5 to 75 cubic feet. Within each pallet the rubber mulch is packaged in smaller bags making it easy to spread without large equipment. Pallets include free shipping to your home in any quantity.
  • Color: Blue
  • Meets CPSC Guidelines, and ASTM F-1292-99, F-1951-99
  • Expected color life: 8 years
  • Made of recycled rubber
  • 99.9% free of contaminants
  • Free Shipping is included

Coverage of One Pallet

  • Covers 150 SF at an uncompacted 6" depth