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Premium Home Delivery

Premium Home Delivery Service

Our Premium Home Delivery service offers a much higher level of service for large items that typically have multiple heavy boxes like swing sets. With Premium Home Delivery your order will be off-loaded by the carrier and stacked in your backyard or garage. Let's take a look at a standard delivery and Premium Home Delivery to see the difference.

What a standard delivery looks like

Typically when you order a swing set on the internet it will ship LTL freight. This means it will be delivered to your house on a semi-truck and off-loaded at the curb. Here's what that looks like.

The boxes are pretty big and heavy. With standard delivery you'll have to take it from here and find some help to get them to your backyard or garage.

What is great about Premium Home Delivery

With Premium Home Delivery the carrier has more dedication to your shipment. They can off-load and deliver your shipment to the backyard or garage so you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. You'll even be able to contact the driver if necessary for an ETA update or to give them special instructions.

With this delivery option there is significantly less handling with fork lifts during transit which reduces the potential for damage. There is no way to eliminate shipping damage entirely but we like to keep it a rare occasion.

Overall we're excited to provide this shipping option and we think you'll love the extra service that comes with it! Here is how the process works

  • Your order is shipped out. At the warehouse your order is palletized and put picked up by the carrier.
  • You are sent a notification your order has shipped. We use small carriers for Premium In-Home so you won’t be able to actually track your order online. This notification is a confirmation that your order has shipped. If you’d like an ETA update, we can provide you with the drivers contact info.
  • The carrier will make a delivery appointment with you. The driver will let you know when they plan to deliver your order. They may have to make adjustments if there are delays in their route. Also, at this time, let the driver know if you would like it delivered in the backyard or in the garage. The driver will need a clear path and access to the location you want them to leave your order.
  • The carrier will deliver your order. They will usually have two people available to carry the boxes to the backyard or garage. Please let us know right away if there is any clear damage to the shipment.